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Idea Gostar Darman Company (Idea Medica) was established in 2006 as a private joint stock company, which was registered in Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries Mines & Agriculture of Iran for international business. Idea Medica is active in the field of production, importation, exportation, distribution of products and services in medical and pharmaceutical and also food industries.

Knowledge and experience is the principle for recruiting employees of Idea Medica. Organization chart is matrix-based in team-based work atmosphere. Some academy professors like clinicians, clinical pharmacists and also food industry professionals are consultants of Idea Medica.

Founders of the company had a very effective experience of working in pharmaceutical, medical and food industries as well as Iran Food and Drug Administration. This connection and knowledge along with many years of experience enable us to register any products in a professional way. Therefore it helps us to save time and cost of registration process.

Idea Medica believes that for any specific activities, special team is necessary. In other words, we set up specialist teams for the same field of activities.


2006 Company establishment

2006 Importation of Genexol (anti-cancer) drug from Samyang Corporation

2006 Importation of medical cleaners and disinfectants from Dr. Weigert

2006 Importation of Surgical Instruments from Komet Medical

2010 Importation of Lorelin from DongKook Pharmaceutical

2010 Importation of food industry cleaners and disinfectants from Dr. Weigert

2011 Production of Caclcifol

2012 Importation of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) from PowerBreathe

2012 Idea Medica Code of ethics

2012 The fisrt experience in export of pharmaceutical product (Calcifol)

2013 Documentation management by Share Point

2014 Establishment of Export department

2015 importation of ChoiceMed product range

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